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Copywriter (Product Marketing)

Ok, so let’s start with a few words about vue storefront. Vue Storefront Sets a New Standard in Online Shopping, Making It More Convenient, Intuitive, and Lightning-Fast. We use the Modern Tech Stack, Believe in Composable Commerce Architecture, and Are Dedicated to Flattening The Learning Curve to Business Users. That IS…
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Growth Hacker (CRO)

Here at Survicate, We’re looking for a conversion rate Optimisation Specialist to Join Our Growth and Commercial Excellence Team. In This Role, You Will Be Helping to Drive Growth by Improving Conversion Rates Across The Funnel – From Acquisition (Landing Pages), Viral Loops), Through Engagement (New Users Activation, Usage Frequency) to…
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Content Creator

Hi! Do you like Sociale, and the Fashion and Beauty industries are your world? Do you love to create involving content, record the best relationships, rollers or interesting about products or services? Say no more. Let’s get to know each other! We are BlackBalloon and to Lodz (or remote) team. We…
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