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Get Noticed Team is an experienced team of specialists who can cope with any industry. Check that the agency is primarily people and see that there are no robots behind Internet campaigns.


We are looking for experienced specialists or seniors to get noticed, or one of the fastest growing marketing agency marketing in Poland! Currently, our team is 24 specialists who perform tasks on a daily basis that do not go beyond the competence of their departments. What does it mean?

1. When you are in the PPC section, you do not deal with customer service – from this is the Customer Success department, which knows how to talk to the client and knows what assertiveness is. Of course, as specialists, you work closely with the CS department creating reports, mediaplans or analyzes, but meetings with clients are a rarity.

2. Being in the PPC department, you do not need to take care of your customer portfolios and they are not closely related to your withdrawal. You do not have to actively look for customers to maintain your salary. The New Business and Business Development department is responsible for this.

3. Everyone in Get Noticed can participate in the command program, thanks to which to effectively recommend by the client, you can get bonuses worth several times for each effective command.

It’s all in the very center of Poznań, in a modern office with great leaders and managers of departments. In addition, the management of the Management Board, which is not detached from the Earth and is very actively involved in the development of the Agency and supporting each in Get Noticed. See the same as we are:




The agency has 8 departments, thanks to which we efficiently and know each other. These are:

Google ADS, Facebook Ads, SEO, Social Media, Customer Success, Graphic Design, New Business and Analytics.

With each of these departments you will cooperate and each of these departments minimize once a month runs internal training so that everyone can constantly develop their competences.

Are you outside Poznań? No problem, our office is located only 3 minutes from the station (with a watch in hand!), And for efficient work we assume a minimum of 2 visits a month in Poznań.

Now some dry facts:

Google ADS department consists of 4 experienced Team Leader and Manager specialists. We run campaigns with budgets 1000, 10,000 as well as PLN 100,000 per month. Each of the specialists manages customer accounts with different budgets. Team Leader also supervises each of the accounts, which evaluates the overall accountity of the account and makes sure that the results consistent with the assumptions. Each of the specialists can also report with new ideas on campaigns and tests he would like to consult.

In addition to managerial support, the agency also has the highest status of the Premier partner from Google, which cyclically conducts closed training for partner agencies. Own Google Guardian also will also answer any questions related to Google ADS campaigns.

Each of the specialists has 1000 zlotys per year for all materials that can raise his competences and he chooses whether it will be a training, course, book or subscription.

The basic responsibilities in this position include: Creating and implementing advertising strategies for customers

Advertising optimization, continuous finding ideas and solutions to improve campaigns,

optimization of product feed rules,

taking part in training organized by Google.

What is important to us: a minimum annual experience in running Google ADS campaign,

very good knowledge of Google Analytics and ADS Editor,

analytical thinking that will allow you to make decisions based on data,

Creativity and willingness to go beyond the diagrams.

What do you expect from us: full of openness and respect atmosphere,

Support from each of the departments in the company,

own MacBook,

participation in conferences and trainings,

Remuneration adequate to skills.

In Get Noticed, we appreciate the proactiveness and willingness to its own development. These are things that we always pay attention and never remain without our proactive reaction :)

If you meet the above conditions, we will gladly meet on a recruitment interview in the form of Google Meet or live.

We also invite you to our website:

Strona Główna

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To apply for this job please visit www.getnoticedagency.pl.

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