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We serve our clients comprehensively and to propose ideally tailor-made solutions, we need you - PPC strategies that will support your technical knowledge in the activities of the Sales area.


Are you interested in marketing, especially internet? Cool! If in addition, the PPC area does not hide any secrets in front of you, and the development of the action strategy comes naturally – this is a sign that this ad is for you!

What is MTA Group? A marketing team, however, unusual, because turquoise and created by specialists for professionals. ️♀️

As a Google Prime Minister partner, we cooperate with customers awareness, which knows the value and meaning of Digital tools. In short – we are marketing, strongly technical geesets. The MTA Group includes teams of various types, starting from SEO, through UX and Web Development, on the marketing influencer ending.

More About us: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K8B5PNQ7Y5A

We serve our clients comprehensively and to propose ideally tailor-made solutions, we need you – PPC strategies that will support your technical knowledge in the activities of the Sales area.

❓ What is it worth knowing about us? We focus on the maximum development of our skills and knowledge – our team is a team of specialists who want to be getting better in their specialization.

We focus on large e-commerce and B2B projects.

70% of our clients are foreign customers.

We have a settlement model in which we share revenues from the projects.

We always try to maximize the quality of our projects through a comprehensive approach to data analysis, customer relationship or working time planning.

With us you will not be viscaked / a – that you are in a given team, does not mean that you can not develop in other

Our system is a turquoise organization, and therefore no vertical structure.

We work in a 7-hour working day system.

Our biggest advantage is people – we create a team of specialists who are empathic, helpful and very friendly. In the express pace you will feel part of the team with us – we guarantee!

If: you have specialist knowledge in the PPC area (MID) – Necessary condition!

You love contact with a foreign client – your English allows you to communicate freely (and you can also know other languages?).

You have experience in the preparation of comprehensive action strategies and building relationships with a business client.

You have a management cheese and you have high organizational skills.

You love contact with people and you are not afraid of new challenges.

You can think strategically, analytically and holistic, and additionally unconvolved.

You know yourself in marketing processes and know the agency’s operating mode

You know the spreadsheets and Google Settings (GSUITE) and you associate tools such as Asana, Pipedrive.

You are our ideal candidate. Leave your CV and join our team as a PPC strategy. ️♀️

Your daily duties: Supporting team members in the preparation of action strategies in the PPC area for clients and partners.

Substantive and technical presentation of the team members of the best solutions for customers.

Data and results analysis on customer accounts (including Google ADS, Google Search Console, Facebook ADS).

Reporting and drawing conclusions based on data.

Creating mediaplanes.

Preparation of budget estimations for customers.

Systematic contact and maintaining partner relationships with a business client.

Why is it worth cooperating with us? Remuneration: Guaranteed minimum (4,000 – 6,000 PLN on hand) dependent on your skills and commitment + additional amount (depending on your work contribution – Speaking simpler – we share the invoice value for specialists involved in the project).

Flat structure of organization based on trust and friendly relationships, consisting of high-class specialists, with a real passion to Digital Marketing.

Sincere feedback and willingness to help.

The ability to expand your competences in different areas.

B2B agreement / order.

Paying ZUS and income tax in the case of B2B.

Multisport, LUX-MED package.

Weekly training organized by members of the organization.

Flexible working hours and remote operation, 7-hour working day.

Flexible approach, open head and a lot of support.

Be sure to check our Clutch.

If you are interested – apply via the form – we will definitely call you!

In the application, please post the clause:

“I agree to the processing of my personal data by MTA Digital Sp. Z o.o to conduct recruitment on my position.”

Thanks and to hear!

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To apply for this job please visit mta.digital.

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