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In Untitled Kingdom with passion, we create software for web and mobile applications, we run workshops, we build product strategies and design services. Technology is our tool, however, the goal is to change the world by giving people as widespread access to health.

In Untitled Kingdom with passion, we create software for web and mobile applications, we run workshops, we build product strategies and design services. Technology is our tool, however, the goal is to change the world by giving people as widespread access to health. We do not want to do everything, we do not play in designs without meaning, outsourcing, maintenance, without innovative thinking and the great idea of ​​improving health and life in the background. It is especially important for us to improve access to health, prevention, diagnostics and treatment to all people – giving them perfectly well-thought-out solutions, tools, products that will make their lives easier. We focus on projects that solve important problems of people and face a challenge. Areas in which we like to work for this medtech, Digital Health, IoT. We create products from Medtech areas, Digital Health, IoT, awarded in numerous competitions and described by Forbes, TechCrunch or Dailymail, and these are, among others: Elvie, Remedee, Mysteryvibe, Safehub or Vergesense.

We do not work for customers, but we work with partners who constitute an integral part of the team and cooperate with us on the implementation of the project on a daily basis. The values ​​that are close to us are Quality (we are not shortened in any area), Transparency (Qualitative Feedback against colleagues and colleagues, partners and open communication), as well as Family (we can count on each other, we have an individual approach to each other). In projects, we appreciate the opinion of all team members, which is why you can boldly advise your partners and team on possible solutions and improvements that you only come to your mind.

Your role and your team

Hi! From this side Ola, Ania, Gosia, Dominika and Wojtek, or Market Success. If you join us, your main task will be to co-create a sales strategy, establishing and maintaining relationships with our partners, Networking and Lead Generation. You will take part in the first Intro Callach with potential partners. We are not looking for a “seller”. Our clients call partners by Large P. numbers are important to us, but the most important is the quality.

In this position you will also cooperate with people from development teams.

Our team is interdisciplinary, combines specialties in the field of Research, Recruitment, Marketing, Social Media, Sales and Business Development. We know from experience that sales and recruitment have many shared points, which is why we get a handful from each other. On a daily basis we use Scrum / Agile, you can expect an open communication and quick flow of information. You will have an impact on improving processes and developing our team.

We invite you to join us if:

you have 2 years of experience in establishing and maintaining contacts with Leaders,

You have the first Nurting Lead processes behind yourself,

You already have experience in sales conversations,

You use English at the C1 level in speech and writing

You are interested in business, technology development,

you have basic IT knowledge, technologies used in the creation of the application (preferably in the area of ​​health),

you can communicate with Leadmi and partners in a creative way,

You can plan your actions yourself and are characterized by openness to development in an interdisciplinary team that plays one goal,

You are characterized by high communication and ability to cooperate,

You are characterized by creativity, you have a distance and a sense of humor :)

With us you can expect:

salary 7000-10000 net + VAT (B2B) or order,

recruitment based on value, well-planned onboarding, Buddhy care and team, which will help you feel at home,

A proprietary system that supports your development examines the level of Seniority and determines the height of the increase – Grades platform. Twice a year you will evaluate your technical skills and soft competences and you will have the opportunity to share your feedback about others. This objective assessment and evaluation of others target your further action in the company,

participation only in conscious designed projects – we create and work with partners whose solutions have sense and make real value for people; We hope that it is important for you,

AGILE / LEAN approaches – Close Up Philosophy Experiment. Fail. Learn. Repeat. (making mistakes is ok if we draw conclusions and learn about them) and Methodology Management 3.0 (which we implement, among others through interdisciplinary bands, stand-ups, culture of Kudos and caring for a qualitative feedback or transparent communication),

Emalance high importance to development – you will take part in Friday Edu-lunches, and you will have a budget for online courses, training and trips to conferences; We also give the opportunity to try in different roles in the organization,

Good communication – On Tuesday, you will take part in the stand-groove of the entire Untitled Kingdom team, every week we ask you about feedback, as you work and what we could improve together,

positive relationships and attention to that in Untitled Kingdom everyone feels free, which is why we often integrate after work, which significantly affects the good atmosphere and direct, open communication and knowledge exchange in projects,

working on high quality tools and equipment – you will get everything you need (although we are faithful to Apple products),

supporting a healthy lifestyle; We operate in the Digital Health industry, and this obliges, that’s why fresh fruit is waiting for you, drinks without lactose and vegan, snacks (also gluten-free etc.), but we do not allow pizza or dumplings from time to time; In addition, we also provide the Enelmed medical package, disposable masks and disinfectants,

Work in favoring creativity (but also focusing through the so-called Focus Hours) office in Krakow in Zabłocie, from where close to To Orzo, Lipowa Hall, Kantyna Zabłocie and Stare Podgórze. The office is always open, but we currently work in remote mode,

B2B agreements or contract contracts with paid intervals (20 days / year) and maternity, flexible working hours.

Currently, we are mainly working remotely and meet a zoom, but the office is at your disposal all the time and is with whom the coffee has to drink or order lunch to the office.

If you feel that this is something for you, it’s a boldly apply – we will be happy to talk :-)

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