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I am Szymon, I founded Heyke and I will lead this recruitment. This advertisement was just from the bridge and a little extensively - I hope it will reduce us all misunderstandings. Thank you for interested / interested.

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About us


I am Szymon, I founded Heyke and I will lead this recruitment. This advertisement was just from the bridge and a little extensively – I hope it will reduce us all misunderstandings. Thank you for interested / interested.

If you want to see if we do now visit our website (https://www.heykedeutschland.de/).

* In the first quarter 2022 we start with a completely new product (a completely new assortment for us, because it’s a piece of furniture) in a dynamic category and very large potential. The product is the result of a multi-monthly development of the HEYKE construction team in accordance with the “Forever Quality” idea. *

We do not work in chaos, stress, hurry. We focus sense and real goals. Despite the fact that we are a remote company, we believe in direct communication, dialogue, discussion and cooperation. We do not count hours, and commitment and effects, so if you want a day off or jump out something will not get a problem. We believe in learning by working, making mistakes and drawing conclusions. Attaching to the team, we expect high responsibility from you, willingness to act, while we provide support (in the team form of brainstorming, agencies, consulting, tools, etc.). Currently, we do not have offices, we work remotely from where to fits, it can be the southern coast when in Poland outside the window cold and dark.

We need people who “plow them” and are effective.

We have a long way to get a long way, but we have large ambitions to build an ECommerce B2C premium brand that operating around construction and interior furnishings. Aspiring to the best DTC projects. We want to do products from which we will be proud, in good culture / team, in a thoughtful way.

Job description

I am looking for a comprehensive and specific person to embrace marketing. The company has existed for 2 years and so far there was no person responsible specifically for marketing. This formula was exhausted. Especially that in the first quarter 2022 we start with a new product line (not a staircase and a piece of furniture). Someone must embrace … we have a narrow range of currently one product, and in 2022 we want to implement only two additional. New products that will implement in 2022 will not be accidental products from where (we work on them from 2020) – this is not a casual crap. New products have significantly raise the basket value. The sales goals in the first months will not be broken from the Christmas tree, I prefer to surprise, than expensive disappoint.

Deadline we set together – we do things good and not for tomorrow. I will not leave you with the same / alone, there is a distribution model, but I do not want to obey. As you think is bad, I am open to raising it upside down from your initiative.

The budget in the first MSC will oscillate within 25-35k / MSc, after the start of sales, the budget will significantly increase (we do not have an investor, we spend money mainly the ones that we have earned), it is real to have a budget of 200k + / MSC without an upper limit in the perspective of the year.

During the onboarding process, I will devote you a lot of time, we will meet almost every day (personally and remotely), over time the meeting will be less than once a week (personally once every 2 weeks, unless you will not be on site). I considering employment more than one person.

I do not seek the position of the “director”. We are still a small company, budgets are limited and we can not employ 50 specialists on the first day. I am looking for someone who has ambitions, but it is not yet afraid of “getting dirty” independent firing campaign and wants to grow together with the organization.

Your competences, the ability to achieve goals and acquiring knowledge are soooooly important, but I respect ambitious people who measure high and I want to give a chance to underadstall. If you feel that you are able to fly higher than you are currently – report.


We are looking for people in 70% embedded in management of campaigns, measuring indicators, optimizing conversion, very analytical, perfectly knowing marketing platforms and 30% creative, copywriting, branding, tov.

Participation in the development of marketing strategy and supervision over the successful implementation of, selecting the relevant forms, platforms, good partners to achieve a business goal

Generating traffic on the site, reaching people interested in a given product and convert them to place an order “well-tailed” content + CRO

Verification of demand / marketing / business potential with the help of available tools and trial campaigns

USP Creation based on product knowledge (“Product Feeling”) and company capabilities

Cooperation with agencies and verification of their work

Skilful use of Marketing Automation, Google Tag Manager, Google Optimize, Google Analytics, Facebook Insights and their skillful delegation

Creating and managing PPC advertising campaigns on Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram

Planning and creating a landing page or briefs for creating landing page

Creating and managing listing in Marketplace such as Amazon, Allegro, Ebay, Olx, etc.

Co-creation of the Customer Service Process as a marketing element by building reputation

Weekly determination of goals and cyclical reporting of results and actions, budgeting

Leading with the band


Practical experience in internet marketing, extensive experience in practical work with online campaigns (necessary requirement)

Responsibility and mindset leader of the department, practically like Cofounderka / CoFounder

Experience or knowledge in non-FMCG marketing. Premium product (not luxury), high value, not competing price, requiring assembly / assembly, narrow specialized assortment

The desire to continuously learn, improvement – “I do not know, but I will find out”

Experience, knowledge, awareness in running a campaign, practical knowledge of Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram tools

Concept about Content, Video and Influencer Marketing

Experience in cooperation with agencies and checked ways to verify their work

Making decisions based on data, not to be sorry. Analytics must be in your DNA. Experience in the analyst configuration in terms of measuring the effects of campaign, observation of conversion results, acquisition cost and introduction of iterations, the ability to analytically think and draw conclusions

The ability of a strategic approach to marketing activities

Business sense based on the company’s goals

Ability to build processes

Involvement in the product based on marketing data

Striving for retail knowledge, curiosity and inexection

No technological debt, proficiency in using obvious tools such as Google Workspace, Airtable, Slack, Asana, Integromat / Zapier, etc. and finding and learning new ones

Being up to date, education and trending tracking

Knowledge of English, a welcome knowledge of German (not required, it will simplify at work)

Long-term cooperation

Mobility, communication for meetings with the team

A welcome interest / knowledge of the environment of interiors, people who care about Design

we offer

Transparent, calm onboarding with clear goals

A remote work with cyclical personal meetings

Remuneration without a glass ceiling

Equipment for workplaces by need – computer, desk, monitor, telephone

Independence in action taking into account team experiences

A quiet and specific feedback on your query or during cyclic meetings

A flexible work model without stiff hours, as much as possible asynchronous, with breaks during work, the possibility of settling its affairs

Respect and trust in your knowledge and experience

Open and direct relationships with the whole team

Development in a company with the highest quality product and CX exceeding the customer’s expectations

Orderly communication, meeting meeting, no spontaneous phones

Possibility of development towards the team leader or towards an even stronger specialization

Stable employment, the company is holding reserve capital

Real co-creation of an ambitious company

Fast decision making, your direct collaborator will be the owner of the company with many years of experience in the industry and an open attitude

Coworking financing, for people who do not want to work from home


10,000 – 12,000 net – a remuneration will grow without a glass ceiling.

You think you are an excellent candidate / candidate, but you want to earn more, report – we will negotiate.

B2B preferred employment form, but there is no requirement.

The company did not fill out the description.

To apply for this job please visit heyke.com.

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