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The company did not fill out the description.

Livechat IS A Global Brand With 18 Years Of History and Over 33,000 Business Customers in 150 Countries. Since 2017 We’ve Been Adding New Products to Our Portfolio, and We’re Now Focused on Running Four of Them (Livechat, Chatbot, Helpdesk, KnowledgeBase), With Plans to Launch More in the Near Future. We’ve Built Our Strong Position on the Market Through An Inbound-First Approach, and the Content Domain Is AT The Center of Our Marketing Strategy.

AS HEAD OF CONTENT, YOUR MSSION WILL BE TO FURTHER BUILD UP OUR GROWTH ENGINE by Creating Effective and Novel Content for Various Projects and stages of the Funnel. Our Focus Is On Inbound, But You Will Also Work In Domains Like Customer Education, Pre-Sales / Sales, and Community. You Will Take Over A Team Of Creative And Passionate People With Established Workflows And Heads Full Of Ideas, And Your Job No. 1 Will Be to Help Them Grow and Use Thir Potential to The Fullest With Your Vision, Guidance, and Strong Leadership.

In This Role You’ll be Heavily Focused on the Customer and Thir Problems. Whether It’s a Blog Post On One Of Our Many Platforms, A Newsletter, Or Online Course, Your Goal Will Be Understand The Customer At All Times And Make Sure We’re Ther For Them To Support Them With High-Quality Content.

What you’ll do:

Build and Grow OUR Content Strategy, from Ideation and Creation to Content Performance Analysis and Implementing Improvements;

Partner with Leaders Across The Company To Develop Unique, Relevant, and Valuable Content That Help US Achieve OU Business Objectives;

Ensure Each Of Our Products Has A Sufficient Content Pipeline and Efficient Publishing Workflow, from Top to Bottom of the Funnel;

Own The Buyer Personas and Ensure Our Messaging Is On Point Based on Available Data and Feedback from other Teams;

Create or Further Developing Existing Strategic Resources, Such As Tone & Voice, Publishing Guidelines, Product Tone Chart;

Own Key Metrics Definition Across All Content Domains, and Develop Reporting That Creates A Full Understanding OU Competitive Performance;

BE A Support System for the Team. Build an Environment Perfect for Creative Thinking and Bold Ideas that can not be replicated by the competition with budget alone.

What we expect:

Empathy and courage, with lots of creativity, sprinkled on top;

Extensive Experience Leading Content Strategy, Preferably at A Tech / Saas Company;


Experience with Owning / Co-Ownning SEO Strategy for Global Projects and High-Traffic Websites;

Strong Understanding of Marketing and Branding;

Technical Understanding of the Content Creation Process, from Writing Techniques to Building The Required Toolset;

Natural Storytelling Abilites and A Sixth Sense for Choosing The Right Narrative;

Strong Leadership and Experience In Starting And / Or Scaling A Team;

Expert, Native-Level English and Excellent Communication Skills.


Come for:

Working in an Environment of Passionate People on Big-League Projects (on Products That Attract More Than 33k Paid Customers Worldwide and Counting) And Used Worldwide by Millions of People Every Month.

Solid Salary with All Government Expenses Covered. Any Change in Bonders Government Fees Is Automatically Adjusted in Your Salary.

All the Equipment and Tools You Will Ever Need to Succeed in Your Work.

A Dedicated Spot Just For You on Our Team Page.


Healthy. We Cover A Private Healthcare Plan For You

Fit. We Cover A Multisport (OR Equivalent) Program For You So You Can Invest In Your Wellbeing

Related. Each Team Has A Recurring Integration Budget to Spend on Team-Building Activities, And Each Employee Has A Similar Personal Budget.

Comfortable. Do you live in Wroclaw or nearby and Prefer to come to the office? You Can Join Our Pet-Friendly Coworking Space Any Time You Want.

Support for your Self-Development with:

Free Access to UdMy Courses,

EVERY Book You’d Ever Want from Amazon,

Access To WorkSmile Platform With A Monthly Budget for Benefits Marketplace,

Ability to Participate in Internal (E.G. Our LiveChat Academy) and External Workshops (E.G. Reforge),

Time and Space for Your Creativity and Ideas To Be Shared During Our Side Project Days and Innovation Sprint.

The company did not fill out the description.

To apply for this job please visit www.livechatinc.com.

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