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The company did not fill out the description. – As you are looking for dieting catering, you order it in one of the 500 companies. We are developing a monthly at the inflation rate and we are at this hard stage, where we have no longer hire students to do something about what neither they have no idea, and we are looking for people who feel the burden of professional experience realizing that Shrek appeared in cinemas 20 years ago and still remember this text about tik tac’aki. Also, young, still dynamic, but as we make a corporate eve on Friday to have a two-day stock for getting to yourself.

Community Specialist

Whats up,

My name is Przemek and I am one of the people who assumed the company described above.

Yes, it’s a bit strange that the type that has never been ordered to be written by the President of the Management Board Slez CEO writes texts for recruitment. And since I managed to attract your attention, we are flying with a job announcement.

With good marketing is like with funny anecdotes at a party. There are those who can tell them so that you are crying with beki before Puenta. There are trays whose stories are “hehe”, and also those who are interrupted by another story before the end to save the corresponding awkward silence and embarrassment. Our market is analogously. Imagine that for two years we have been trying to invent creative campaigns, passwords, promotional campaigns to – we agree – eating for lazy in plastic boxes. This is still a better marketing product than toilet paper. By the way, a small offtop – only writing this announcement, I realized that in times when I watched TV, toilet paper was advertised using a Labrador puppy. Toilet paper and labrador. World class. Nevertheless – to this day I have a peculiar problem that from all workshops and ideas I like the best to determine the boxes as a litter. But I kumam that it’s a bit risky to fly with a campaign for hundreds of thousands in this climate.

That’s why we are looking for a person who:

After reading the announcement, it will start to wonder why nobody invented the brand “Catering for eight stars”, where MLH would make a free advertisement worthy of this Mr. Robert

He brows down to breakfast and comments on life, and later with astonishment discovers that his / her profile track people from Żywiec, or Ikea, because they use your joke in advertising, which beats records in SM

He has a discernment in influencers, because if you ask me, I stayed at the Eminem stage that has never been

He can balance on a thin line between being ironic, witty, cheeky and intelligent in his communication to the customer. So “Mordo, but this parish in this box is a solid. Hehe “is not necessarily. If in your application you will post an alternative, creative comment to the sausages packed in dieting catering, then you can invite you to a conversation. Greet, if you have read here. I will not check anymore.

He has experience in working in the agency or a larger marketing department, where she cooperated in creating a marketing strategy and planning advertising shares under e-commerce. Of course, as a boss, I always know everything but our marketing department is only 7 people + a few supporting part of a part, so we will gladly accept cool ideas or workshop processes inspired by the best agencies.

Kuma data. It’s nice that you are a funny, but we look very carefully on the numbers, so how do you fight RTM, or a campaign that will be your idea, then expect that you will have to present numbers going much further than – “We have such a lot and so many likes “:)

What we offer:

We still hope that you are a student / on 10 years of experience and we will settle on the order, but if not B2B 6.5-8k net depending on the experience

This is not a UOP, so there will be no holidays. And certainly not 26 days, because you can not do it on B2B. There is no disease or any benefits. No. NEVER! Under no circumstances !!!! 11111 did not pass by thinking and we hope that you too, because it is not to think in the world from cardboard !!!!! 111

Adventure. Take your sword, ax, Topinambur, or whatever you have and come with us to create a world where people will be healthier, happiness, bogs, they will not have to work, they will have dogs, cats and Merci about the taste of pralines in the infinite number.

With luck!


The company did not fill out the description.

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